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Wisdom Transfer provides consulting services for both corporate and non-profit ventures, as well as blended models that integrate philanthropy into core business strategy. Whether you need help building teams, creating strategy, developing your brand or energizing your sales and marketing, we can help you connect with the resurces that will help you advance your organization or business to the next level.

Non-Profit Consulting 

The WisdomTransfer process focuses on five key indicators of success for non-profit organizations. Click a topic below for more information:

1. Dynamic Executive Leadership
With strong professional leadership, almost anything is possible. Our team can evaluate your current leadership situation and offer a variety of solutions.
  • Create a personal development plan for a an executive who is struggling
  • Provide interim leadership when there is no executive
  • Provide the “founding director” for a new organization or major program
  • Work with the board or senior staff on succession planning
  • Develop job descriptions and performance management processes/tools
  • Serve as liaison with the executive search firm when a search is required
  • Provide on-going counsel to the board or senior staff on professional development
2. Effective Volunteer Boards
Every organization needs strong volunteers who can provide leadership, access to resources, and make personal investments of time and money. Our team can help you build a high-performance board and set your organization on the path to future success. Following are some examples of how we can help:
  • Create a board development plan that targets and recruits the right people
  • Work side-by-side with your volunteers to build the best possible board
  • Transition to a “policy governance” model of board leadership
  • Identify and train emerging leaders for key leadership positions
  • Design a meeting rhythm and committee structure that makes your organization pulse faster
  • Work with board and senior staff to create a dynamic partnership that accelerates progress
  • Design a Leadership Development Program for Staff and Volunteers
  • Facilitate a Merger or Acquisition
3. Compelling Vision and Strategy
While an organization’s mission rarely changes, your vision must be crisp, current, and compelling. People will invest their resources in organizations that have big ideas and strategies to accomplish them. Our team can help you with the following:
  • Create a compelling mission statement that provides clarity and purpose
  • Develop a vision statement that compels people to join and help
  • Identify your core values and develop a strategy to communicate them internally and externally
  • Develop your unique brand promise and/or unique selling proposition (USP)
  • Document your key strategic approaches and highlight them to your funding sources
  • Create a one-page strategic plan that clearly communicates your strategy
4. Powerful Programs and Services
Strong organizations exist to deliver programs and services that make a difference in people’s lives. If you are considering a new program emphasis, or want to evaluate the effectiveness of your current offerings, our team can assist in the following ways:
  • Conduct a comprehensive program evaluation
  • Design “outcome measurements” that will prove the effectiveness of your programs
  • Provide “third party” evaluation of program outcomes
  • Re-frame existing programs to attract financial support
  • Create new programs with measurable outcomes
5. Successful Fundraising and Marketing
A well-funded organization can deliver on its vision with passion and depth. While money is not the answer to every problem, every organization needs a well-balanced, sustainable income stream. This is an area of particular strength for our founder and other team members and we are pleased to be able to offer the following services:
  • Conduct a comprehensive resource development audit/assessment.
  • Develop an annual campaign/annual giving program
  • Design and deliver high-impact special events
  • Position the organization to receive foundation and government funding
  • Design and implement a direct mail program
  • Develop a planned giving/endowment program
  • Design and implement a major gift campaign/program
  • Prepare for a successful capital campaign
  • Conduct a comprehensive marketing and communications audit/assessment
  • Develop a marketing and communications plan with strategies, action plans, and timelines

To create meaningful and lasting impact in these critical areas, our team employs a variety of techniques that often includes a combination of consulting, program design, training, and on-going coaching. Every organization has unique needs which require a personalized assessment and evaluation. This organizational assessment provides the basis for a continuous Improvement plan that will serve as the road map to an organization’s preferred future. Every plan includes opportunities to experience immediate success, but also includes the sequential building blocks for fundamental organizational change.
Contact us to schedule a free consultation to determine whether the WisdomTransfer process can add value to your organization

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